Overview :

Protecting data and privacy needs to be a state of mind before it can become the state of the business. Ours is an integrated approach—from vetted agents to hardened infrastructure to locked-down data.

We monitor agents, adhering to strict administrative procedures and industry security standards; our security is all encompassing—tested with penetration attempts and vulnerability scans. We follow industry standards—ranging from PCI DSS Level 1 security to HIPAA compliance—plus do more.

How We Work

  • Secure workplace—effective CV functionality, enforce effecient policy
  • Verify agent certifications, backgrounds and clearances
  • Conduct third-party compliance audits for PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA
  • Configure system security plans, hardware and software
  • Detail security for firewalls, backups and intrusions
  • Protect with authentication, access controls and verification